Crochet Page

Okay, now I've done it... I knitted my very first sock! See it on my brand spanking new Knitting Page
Hey! Look who snuck onto my crochet page... Well, HE thinks he's crocheting & that's what counts!

And now... The Never-Ending Watercolor Afghan!

Items I've crocheted that are more than just a doily or afghan that lies flat, I call 3D Crochet

Here's an afghan I did manage to finish in 4 amazingly short months
(unlike the aforementioned Watercolor which took almost a year!)

Here's a shot of one half of my craft room... the "acrylic" yarn side... the other side not pictured is the natural fibers side (cotton, wool, etc.)

This is Zander... See? He's wanted to crochet from a very early age!!

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