Here we are... Kids first

*NEW - Summer 2004* Benjamin & Zander make the local newspaper!

2003: Zander, March 2003 .. Josh .. Benjamin

Whoaaaa! New picture of Zander & Benjamin! They are doing their Tigger imitations!

...and here's another one... from Zander's 6th Birthday.. cool toy, Z!

Here is one of the more recent pictures of Mommy, Benjy(1), Zander(3), & Josh(7 1/2)

(ages are approx. guesses!)

Check out this cool picture of Josh & Zander! Josh is 6 1/2 & Zander is 2

Here's Zander, Josh, & their dad Charles (old pic, but I love it!)

This is another oldie, but goodie... Charles & me after he came in 2nd in a 1990 Scrabble® Tournament. Little kid in the background is my now 21 yo Mel!

And last but not least, my #1 son, Mel (15 1/2) with brothers Josh (5) & Zander (10 months)

More recent pictures of Mel: *NEW* Seeing him off to The Appalachian Trail! *NEW*

Here's a picture of me working on the never-ending Watercolor Afghan when Zander was only weeks old... He's helping! (For you Crochet List people, a picture of the finished product is now on my crochet page & a slight glimpse of it is in the photo above)

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